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Last-Mile Transportation

CashRyde will connect you with a trusted driver in your area to get you safely to your next destination. Passengers and drivers are given the option to agree on a price before confirming the trip. Depending on your preference, you have the option to pay in either cash or credit card!


Serving 24 States in America

CashRyde Last-Mile Transportation Service is here whenever you need a ride. We list drivers that provide excellent transportation services throughout 276 neighborhoods from New York to California.

Last Mile Drivers in the United States

Transportation Service

Rider Members

▪️ Pick & favorite any cars you like to ride.
▪️  Contact drivers & book them directly.
▪️  Negotiate fare with drivers beforehand.
▪️  Ride with drivers who know the area.
▪️  Leave reviews & rate drivers 1-5 stars.

Become a Rider Member
Transportation Service

Driver Members

▪️ Set your own schedule & destinations.
▪️ You can negotiate or set your own price.
▪️ Earn 100% profit, keep all your income.
▪️ Get riders' reviews to boost business.
▪️ Get started today for FREE!

Become a Driver Member

Personal Drivers

Do you need a ride to the supermarket, medical appointment, business meeting, or social event? CabRYDE connects you with personal drivers who are ready to take you where you need to go. CabRYDE makes hiring a driver quick and easy.

Last-Mile Tranportation Drivers in the United States



Airport Shuttle

Why park your car at the airport when you can use CabRYDE! We connect you with friendly drivers who can get you, your family, your friends – and your luggage - to and from the airport quickly and safely. If you're looking for a low-cost way to get to and from the airport, call CabRYDE today!

Last-Mile Tranportation Drivers in the United States



Train Station Shuttle

Need a ride to the train station? Or do you need a ride home after a long trip? Call CabRYDE to schedule a last-mile ride to or from the train station. Our personal drivers provide safe, low-cost rides that include loading and unloading your luggage. Available throughout the US, CabRYDE connects you with professional drivers ready to take you where you need to go!

Last-Mile Tranportation Drivers in the United States



Bus Station Shuttle

Have a bus to catch? Let CabRYDE help you get to and from the bus station quickly. Our team of trusted drivers provides safe, reliable transportation services to and from bus stations located across the US. Rather than relying on friends and family members for rides, call us instead.

Last-Mile Tranportation Drivers in the United States



Food Delivery

Why go out to eat when you can have your food delivered? CabRYDE connects you with experienced food delivery drivers who are ready to pick up and deliver your prepaid food orders. Enjoy a delicious meal from the comfort of home by scheduling food delivery with CabRYDE.

Last-Mile Transportation Drivers in the United States

Select Restaurant

Chipotle Restaurants  Blaze Pizza Restaurants  Applebee's Restaurants  Five Guys Restaurants  Subway Restaurants  Burger King Restaurants  Denny's Restaurants



Cheap Travel Deals

CashRYDE Affiliate Partners can help you plan your dream vacation – on the cheap! Whether you need cheap bus tickets or airline tickets, or other accommodations, we're here to make sure you get the lowest rates! We'll even show you how to rent a car without a credit card. Contact us today!.

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