About CabRYDE

Community-based ridesharing platform.

We at CabRYDE believe in liberty and giving you control of your rides. We are a premium ride-sharing service and are offering tech-related solutions for taxi, and limousine services and to all professional and private drivers.

We strongly endorse that pricing, payment method, and distance traveled should be discussed and decided with the ease of both passenger and driver, but no the rideshare company. Hence, we are providing you all the liberty to travel around the city on your terms.

We provide Industry leading software solutions to both passengers and drivers to make sure they get the most optimal ridesharing experience around. Our team is tirelessly working on developing and improving the services to make it the best ride experience of your life.

With the help of top-rated technologies like, Google Analytics, Bootstrap, Zapier, MySQL, and more we are determined to become the top ride-sharing app, providing you with the solution and top-notch services that would be irreplaceable for you.

Once you have driven with CabRYDE or had the chance to get the ride, no cab experience will never be the same for you and you will always be choosing CabRYDE for your commute around the city. It is definitely worth giving a try.

We do not charge any percentages off the ride fare and the driver gets to keep all the fare from the rides they get through our application. We also do not tell you what to charge and you being on the road decide with the customers to ride fares and the distance suitable for you to travel.

With us, you as a driver get the liberty to choose when you want to drive and what kind of services you would like to provide. You can keep 100% of your earnings and we do not charge you any commissions at all.

Either if you are a passenger looking to move around or want to drive to make money while doing what you love- Driving. CabRYDE is the perfect ride-sharing service for you with unbelievable liberty that is unmatched along with top-notch services, setting new trends in the industry.


  • We are here to put the power in the hand of the driver and the passenger.
  • We are here for taxi, limousine, and all professional or private drivers.
  • We are here to allow drivers to keep 100% of their fares scheduled as private rides.
  • We are here because negotiation of pricing, payment method and distance traveled should be determined by the driver and the passenger, not a rideshare company.
  • We are CashRyde and our mission is to, "provide industry-leading software applications that improve the transport experience for both the driver and passenger".